Explore the beauty of sustainably sourced Australian

Tonewood’s and Instrument Timbers.


All of our timber for processing instrument components is sustainably sourced from managed plantations and salvaged timbers. We supply some of the most sought after Australian Tonewood’s and Instrument Timbers


Queensland Maple (Flindersia Brayleana)

An Australian native species that has always been a very popular cabinet timber, but it’s use has slowly evolved into being one of the most popular native Australian tone woods. Widely utilised for many components including back and side sets, necks, solid body blanks, and bracing stock. It is sometimes heavily figured in those instances is very popular for top caps / drop tops.

Queensland Maple Silkwood (Flindersia pimentaliana)

A very close cousin to Queensland Maple, it is that close that up until the 1920’s both species were packaged together.  This changed when Australian Red Cedar started to become rare and everyone was searching for a replacement for red cedar as Australia’s premier cabinet timber.  Silkwood was chosen over plain Maple due to the consistent figuring that is more easily achieved for the full length and width of a board especially when quarter sawn.  Its Tonal qualities are remarkably similar to Queensland Maple except it has more bass response then other timbers even Tasmanian Blackwood.  Widely utilised for many components including back and side sets, necks, solid body blanks, bracing stock, and due to the figure usually displayed it is an immensely popular choice for top caps / drop tops.

Tasmanian Blackwood (Acacia Melanoxylon)

One of the many stunning Acacia species native to Australia. This is one of the most popular and widely used native Australian tone woods. It can be plain or more rarely figured, in both instances it is quite stunning. It can take many different appearances and colour variations dependant on exactly where and how it grows. Widely utilised for back and side sets, necks, solid body blanks, soundboards, bracing stock, top caps / drop tops if figured, and for denser stock can be used for fretboards.

Silver Quandong (Elaeocarpus Grandis)

Another Australian native that is becoming one of the preferred timbers for many instrument components. This is due to its excellent tonal qualities, light weight, strength, and bending capabilities. It is an overall very nice timber to work with and is exceptionally nice to carve with very minimal tear out. Widely utilised for back and side sets, necks, solid body blanks, soundboards, bracing stock, top caps / drop tops if figured.

Bunya Pine (Araucaria Bidwilli)

A species of pine that is naturally exclusive to South East Queensland and two very small populations in the north Queensland tropics. For Acoustic guitar and other instrument soundboards it is if not the best, it is a remarkably close contender as the best native Australian option due to it’s stunning, variable and sometimes figured appearance. Not to mention its excellent tonal qualities it is a modern and very sustainable option for this application. It has contenders even on an international scale take up to three times the amount of time to produce suitable timber and if managed properly in conjunction with growing other framing and furniture varieties of pine it is a very sustainable and suitable choice that is gaining an ever-growing popularity in the Lutherie industry. It is also an exceptional sustainable, cost effective, suitable option for electric guitar solid body blanks, this mainly due to its relatively light weight, stability, workability, and tonal qualities. Widely utilised for soundboards, solid body blanks, and bracing.


“Highly recommend Jakes work, he custom made me a beautiful timber bench top for my salon and nailed the brief. He got exactly the right piece of timber for my purpose, and stained and finished it with a flawless finish. So many compliments already, and it’s only up a day!This guy knows timber, and has an eye for detail, he’s a perfectionist and so easy and helpful to deal with.“

– Alva Hunter
May 2020

“Always an absolute pleasure dealing with Jake at Jellyshake Timbers. Absolutely superb timber that is dressed and prepared immaculately so that it’s ready to work with as soon as it arrives, very minimal sanding required. Couldn’t recommend enough!“

– Hamish Mitchell
April 2021

“Jake has a very nice selection of thin woods suitable for box making, veneers or in my case guitar making. He is quick and professional and the products are stunning. Recommended.“

– Andrew White
April 2019